Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Ruler: King Conon, Vassal of no one

Vannetais is the oldest Cymric kingdom of Brittany. Its royal house claims descent from Conon Meriadoc, the British general who settled among the pre-Roman Celts here centuries ago. This is the most populated of the Breton kingdoms, and counts many important cities in its fold.

The war-torn history and experience of the people of Vannetais has made them despise the French.

Places of Wannetais:
Carnac is a vast megalithic site which has thousands of plinths standing in rows. Druids claim that all the knowledge of the stars is recorded in the layout of these stones.

Rennes is a city which has seen much warfare against the French. It has a medium (common) castle, a cathedral, and holds an annual international trade fair which generates considerable money for the king.

Vannes is the king’s favorite city, and an important sea port for trade between Britain and Spain. It has a small castle and strong Roman presence.

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