Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Pagan
Ruler: King Pellinore, Vassal of no one

Norgales includes all the northern mountains, hills, and forests of Cambria. It is populated by many small, warlike, fiercely independent clans whose loyalty is never permanent, except to the holder of the Crown of the Ordovices, a magical artifact. The crown has the displeasing habit of disappearing on its own, reappearing to be seized at a magical site called the Court of the Crown. Then the peoples of Norgales have no lord, but patiently await the next bearer of the crown, who will have had to prove himself worthy of wearing it by virtue of arms and wit.

Snodonia is the area around Mt. Snowdon, the holy mountain of Cambria. Rugged and steep, its slopes and nearby valleys still hold many secrets of faerie lore.

Dinas Bran is an ancient hill fort which is the traditional seat of power for the kings of Norgales.

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