A Knights Manor is more then a place for for his family to live. It also provides a source of income, Glory and training. Careful management of a Knights lands can elevate him from an ordinary Knight to one of great renown where poorly managed lands can be a constant source of problems.

A typical manor has a simple wooden hall a village with 500 commoners, a small church, a mill and a bakery. It is surrounded by plowed fields, meadows (used for hay), pastures (used for grazing), and wastes (land not used for other purposes). It also includes a herd of about 20 horses and a pack of dogs for the use of the knight and his family, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, geese and other animals, some owned by the manor, and many more owned by the peasants.

A manor provides 10 libra of income. 4 of that income is generated by good produced by the staff of the manor or by the people of the village. This can be anything from bricks to wine and fine clothing and is often highly diverse. The remaining 6 libra comes from the local farms and herds. 1 from cattle, 1 from horses, and 4 from farming.

In return for his land a Knight is expected to serve his Lord during times of peace and war. In peace he can be called up on to ride patrol or go on guard duty and in war they are expected to march against his Lords enemies. The Knight is also expected to manage the lands and the people upon it. They organize the collecting of taxes and the management of it features. The protect and dispense judgement to its people.

The income gained from the land can be spent to build improve but is mostly spent to maintain the Knights life style. To maintain a decent life style, one of a nobles life, a Knight must spend 4 libra on themselves. This covers his armor and weapons maintenance, food and clothing for the year as well as keeping his horses. If you have a squire he costs an additional 1 to maintain, a wife costs at least 2, any kids over 7 an additional 1, as well as paying the maintenance of additional staff. Spending more or less on themselves changes the Knights economic standing, see Yearly Maintenance for details. On top of all of this you are expected to pay your lord a present of 2 libra at the christmas court.

Each year during the Winter Phase the income for a manor is calculated. This is when salaries are given out, incomes are calculated, improvements are started.

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