Improvements to manors serve several purposes. The can provide defenses for those living in the lands, they can increase the revenue of the commoners and thus the Knight who oversees the land and they can provided places to train and improve skills. They are also necessary to rebuild destroyed buildings and to keep the commoners happy. The more a Knight puts into his lands the more they are going to benefit him.

During the Winter Phase a player can choose to build one improvement at its listed cost. More can be built but all improvements past the first are at 1.5 listed cost. The work begins during the winter with planning and designs. When summer begins the supplies are purchased and brought to the build location and construction begins. By the following Winter Phase the project is completed. Some large improvements such as castles and stone walls may require additional time. More workers can be hired from the Commoners section to reduce this additional time but 1 year is the minimum build time.

The benefits from the improvement begin to come into play the following year unless they require a time to mature. Orchards and vineyards require several years before they begin to turn a profit for the lord.

When the project is completed a roll is made to see if the project was a success. Occasionally mistakes are made and the improvement turns out to be a massive waste of time. Extra workers from the Commoners section can be hired to reduce this risk but it can never be eliminated

Listed below are all the improvements currently available. As the campaign progresses new improvements may be introduced or the values to the current ones adjusted. All additions and changes will be posted in the yearly log.

It should be noted that unless the Game Master gives permission each Improvement can only be built once. Villages and Hamlets are common exceptions.

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