Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Ruler: Earl of Hertford, Vassal of King Uther

The county of Hertford is a poor and hilly county, noted for its herds and pastures rather than its farms. This has resulted in the people being notably stingy and selfish.

Anstey is a fine old-style castle atop a 30-foot motte.

Hertford is a small city with a castle. size upon the Lea River.

Royston is a city without a castle, and a stop along the King’s Road where it crosses the old Icknield “Ridgeway Road.”

The city of St. Albans is Britain’s most popular site of pilgrimage to the grave of St. Albans, the first Christian martyred in Britain, and thus its earliest saint. The city is ruled by Bishop of Saint Albans, Vassal of Lord of Hertford.

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