During each Winter Phase increase your characters age by one year. In game terms, all aging is done during the Winter Phase, regardless of your characters actual birth date. Your squire or squires also age at his point and a playe knight’s squire is always replaced with a new 15 year old squire upon reaching the age of 21.

Aging eventually takes even the most gifted characters out of play, usually around the age of 50 or later. When any attribute, even APP, reaches the value of 3 or less, the character is considered bedridden and may no longer participate in active play. A bedridden character no longer recieves Glory unless circumstances are truly unusual, but continues to age. He may still give orders (which will probably be ignored), write a will, tell tales of his adventures, or take other actions that the gamemaster permits. When any attribute reaches 0, the characters dies.

Aging Process
Every character of 35 years of age or more must roll on the table below.

Aging table

After determining the number of stats that are to be reduced the character then rolls on the following table once for each stat reduced.

Aging table 2

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