Of Waves and Dragons

Adventure Log 486 - 3

Alot of irl is happening will finish soon.

Out of the forest our four knights found them selves far from where they started their journey. Luckily the four of them escaped the Fae forest close to Camlann’s manor Over Wallop. After a nights rest and good baths the group set out to report to their Earl at Sarum. After reaching Sarum they were met with many grumbles and sour looks of those believing that they had shirked their duties to go on sabbatical. They reported to the Earl and informed him of their adventure and he told them to report back during the Christmas feast to unveil their entire tale. So they each set off to their own manors to prepare for the affair. Upon returning to Sarum they discovered that King Uther and his family would be having Christmas Court there. The retelling of their fight against the giant and the strange fairy beasts garnered them much attention and praise as well as forgiveness from their Earl. Camlann gave the Giant’s head as a gift to the King while Gunther and Brehad each gave a different piece of the giant as gifts and Maurel gifted an elaborate book. Although each of those gifts paled when compared to when Merlin burst through the main doors and presented the exquisite sword Excalibur to King Uther. During the commotion over such a magical gift it seems that only our four heroes heard Merlin say “It will aide you….if you stay JUST.” which cast a small shadow over their minds which quickly left as they were caught up in the celebrations. After everything died down they got together to preform a new winter tradition of singing, dancing, and playing instruments together (although most of them did it poorly). During their jam session Prince Maddock invited the group to go raiding against the Saxons which they whole-heartedly accepted. With the winter festivities over they each headed home to await their next adventure.

After going through the season and returning to summer the four headed out early to meet up with the raiding party. Since he was the eldest Maurel took up the commanding position while the others followed his lead. The plan was to hit three different cities to raid and cripple their ships to easy the Saxon flow. The first battle went well they were able to surprise the enemy which allowed them to get the upper hand to raid and destroy their ships. Unfortunately Sir Camlann was greatly injured during this battle and was carried back to the ship. The second battle was chaos although our heroes had the upper hand. During the chaos Sir Maurel was injured badly but rescued by Gunther along with other of their soldiers. During the third encounter they were ambushed by the prepared Saxons. The battle was evenly fought and they were just able to destroy the ship before retreating back home. Now the heroes head back to Salisbury to recover from their wounds.


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