Of Waves and Dragons

Adventure Log 486-1

Merlin – everywhere and nowhere

Doing some editing.[Like always]

The four comrades are summoned to the spring court. Camlann arrives ahead of the others to an empty Sarum with Salisbury’s army marshalled outside it. He is informed by Sir Elad that the army musters to push back the Saxon invasion in Wessex and he as well as his compatriots are to patrol Salisbury, enforce law and protect Salisbury while the rest of the Realm marches on the Saxons.

Maurel and Gunther arrive the following morning and are greeted by a desolate Sarum. They find Camlann breaking his fast in the Great Hall. He briefly relays Sir Elad’s orders, which Maurel find distasteful. Brehad arrives after noon and with his arrival the comrades get to work. While the nobles are planning their scouting route and ordering a the castle to be cleaned and guard shift rewritten, Maurel notes that they should dispatch messenger to the major towns and castles with instructions to form a network, so that if they are lucky the might find some Saxon raiders to slaughter. As a young hedge knight, Sir Brian, finds his task of delivering messages to Salisbury’s major cities Maurel disciplines him for his laziness.
The next dawn the patrol rides out towards Levcomagus. The knights visit estates near the major road and make sure that everything is fine. After Levcomagus they turn west words and ride through the mountains covering northern Salisbury.

At nightfall the knights have passed through the mountains and as the light fades they decide to take shelter in the next estate. They tired and hungry arrive to [Insert Name], which Brehad and Camlann believe to be Merlins villa. They are greeted by Neveda a beautiful young maiden employed in the estate and Sir Brandon – Maurel’s old friend. The noble knights discover that Lycus owns the manor and they are a bit concerned about Maurels presence, who is known for his history with Lycus. Exausted by travel the knight decide to stay the night and during the supper Camlann and Maurel bewail their hosts with tales of adventure while Gunther gets familiar with Neveda. Tonight Brehad doesn’t seem to find inspiration for his songs and halts his tune confessing that this isn’t his night. Brehad cuts in on the story of the Questing Beast claims that he saw met the King of Cambria as well. Maurel doesn’t hesitate to correct his comrades error by noting that Brehad had in fact locked himself in his room and writing a glorious song about Uther’s war against the Saxons. This awakes some horrid memories for Brehad. He begs for his leave and walks outside. Camlann and Gunther are a bit taken by Maurel act and the night winds down as there’s suddenly nothing to talk about.

Outside Brehad stares at the stars and notices an old man doing the same in the court yard. He approaches the elder and asks him what he sees in stars. The Elder replies. He nods and states that he has nothing against Christians; he is just sad that they know so very little about the world surrounding them. Brehad introduces himself and assures that he would very much like to speak with the stargazer – Alvin – again as he departs.
As everyone else is asleep Brehad strolls through the castle wondering through the corridors. He wonders into the third floor and finds a hallway with a locked door, marvellously furnished bedroom and a study, which he presumes are Lucys’ private quarters and he glances around it. After his exploration he sees Alvin standing standing atop a tower and gazing at the stars. Alvin seems a bit too mystical for Brehad and he is sure that Alvin is actually Merlin in disquise.

The next morning they leave a letter for Lycus and ride off to Upavon. As nothing is going on they ride northwards toward Devizes and arrive there slightly before nightfall. There they are greeted and invited for supper by Sir Samuel the caretaker of the town during Sir Hawoel’s absence. He relays a rumour about a dispute in a small village a half days ride south. Apparently some farmers and ranchers are up at arms about something. Come morn the group rides southwards and arrive at [Insert name] and are greeted by a roaring crowd gathered at the edge of town. Camlann asks the people to remain calm and notes that they will hear out the dispute. The crowd turns towards them and shouts their arguments at the nobles and march closer. Maurel quiets the crowd with an angry lecture on hospitality and orders the disputing parties to present two individuals to argue for their side. After some brief mutters two men emerge from the crowd, Mortimer the town elder representing the ranchers and Alex representing the farmers. As the crowd constantly interrupts the discussion Brehad asks for the conversation to move to a private meeting indoors. The group arrives at the city hall and Camlann, Gunther and Brehad enter with the two men. Maurel stays outside guarding the crowd to ensure that peace is kept, while the nobles judge on the dispute.
Meanwhile Maurel is entertaining the crowd with stories when a cow cries out in pain. As the masses are unsetteled by the sound Maurel rides to its source and find two men stabbing a cow as another man is screaming and begging the men to stop. When Maurel rides up one of the men bolts as another one raises his knife as a challenge. Maurel offers the man a quick death he dares to strike him or try to run away. The man surrenders and Maurel darts after the other fiend. He reaches the fiend with little effort and gives him the same ultimatum and he gets the same answer.

Nobles hear cries outside and sound of commotion and run outside where they find a fight withing the mob. and they start to suppress the crowd – with words. As Maurel arrives and finds the crowd mauling the criminal to death.

Camlann and Gunther arrived to a clearing as the goat disappeared to the bushes on the far side. After a loud crack they saw yellow eyes glowing within the darkness.
Maurel arrived with his bow in hand, took two arrows from his quiver without hesitation and shot them towards the giant’s eye.
The Giant grabbed Brehad and threw him at Gunther
Maurel drew his sixth arrow and decided to stay still focus on the moment. Just as the giant’s foot connected with him he let the arrow loose and it flew true piercing the giant’s third eye. As the giant was roaring in pain and surprise Maurel’s limb body flew 30 feet to the woods.


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