Uther Pendragon

A fierce and driven King of Logres

Red hair, powerful physique.

Uthers coat of arms


King Uther is a fierce warlord who has fought for years to keep his throne. He is almost 40 years old and has spent little time doing anything but practicing his skills as a warrior. He is a half-hearted British Christian, but also respects the pagan faith and the druids who practice it.

Personal data
Homeland: Logres
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Current Home: Royal court

The third son of Constantin Uther is forced to flee to flee with his elder brother Aurelisu Ambrosius to brittany in 443 when his eldist brother Constans is murdered. His uncle Duke Vortigern is elected High King.

As Uther comes of age he begins to make a name for himself fighting for his brother King Aurelisu. From 469-472 Uther lead many raids into Pict and Saxon lands with a group of hand picked knights. The battles bring great Glory to Uther as he is heralded as the defender of Britain.

In 478 Uther sailed with his brother King Aurelisu against the Saxons and to the Continent where he faught in the Battle of Frisia.

Returning at the end of 479 Uther and his brother again had to deal with the Saxons the following summer. In the year 480 while planning their defense of Salisbury from the invading Saxons King Aurelisu was poisoned. Uther offered to lead the army but King Aurelisu refused. Instead the two attacked together. King Aurelisu from the front while Uther maneuvered around to the rear. It was a great victory and the Saxon lords who led the attack were killed but King Aurelisu also lost his life in the fighting. Uther assended to the throne of Logres and takes the name Pendragon but isn’t able to get the votes from the High Council needed to become High King.

For a time after Uther becomes king of Logres their is a measure of peace. The Picts, Irish and Saxons cease most of their raiding and the land has time to heal. However war comes to the Isle of Britain once again when a new wave of Saxons arive this time in the north. Aided by the Saxons already in Britain they attack Malahaunt and lay siege to the city of Eburacum in 484. King Uther raises his army and heads northward to join the battle, however the King is blinded by his eagerness to free the people of Eburacum and is drawn into a trap. King Uther is forced to fight a desperate battle to simply escape and suffer heavy losses. Determined to defeat the Saxons King Uther rallies the remnants of his army and pulls a suprise attack on the celebraiting Saxons. Caught off guard Saxons are slaughtered and King Uther claims a pyrrhic victory.

He is vassal to no one and his vassals are Count Eldol of Gloucester, , in Cambria

Uther Pendragon

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