A Saxon King of Kent


In 446 King Vortigern hires King Hengest and his Saxon army to come to the Isle of Britain and fight the Pict barbarians. King Vortigern is impressed with the battle prowess of King Hengest and his Saxon warriors and so he begins to rely on them heavily.

In 448 King Hengest daughter, Rowena, comes to the Kingdoms of Britain.

In 457 King Hengest is called upon to fight in the Battle of Kent with King Vortigern and Horsa. After the battle King Vortigern awards the Kingdom of Kent to both King Hengest and Horsa for the Saxons to settle.

After fighting King Vortigern’s son, Lamint, and the rebelious lords in 462 King Hengest and his Saxons carry out the attack of the Night of Long Knives in 463.

King Hengest now realizes that King Vortigern only remains on the throne because he and Horsa are his allies. The two Saxon kings start becoming more agressive over the year until in 465 they begin to outrigh plunder many of the countries in the Kingdoms of Britain. When King Vortigern realies he no longer has control over the Saxons he flees to Gomeret.

Unconcerned with the loss of King Vortigern King Hengest continues to collect taxes and plunder from the British people. When Aurelisu Ambrosius lands in Hampshire, in 466, with his army instead of coming to King Vortigern aid King Hengest instead returns to Kent with Horsa.

In 469 Horsa dies and King Hengest takes over full control of Kent. Over the next several years a large number of Saxons migrate from the Continent and settle in Kent.

Ever the true Saxon even in his old age, King Hengest invades into the Thames Valley in 473. King Hengest takes a major victory in the Battle of Windsor when he defeats King Aurelisu. With King Aurelisu army broken King Hengest and his Saxons are free to raid and plunder the Kingdoms of Britain once again.

In 477 with the arrivial of AElle King Hengest finally becomes to feable to rule and he is succeeded by his nephew.


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