The Saxon King of Sussex


King AElle is a vigorous king, popular with his people and successful in war. He has led them from miserable conditions on the continent to conquer and enslave the natives of Britain and to establish good farms. Other Saxons are continually coming from overseas to this easy land. AElle is generous to his people, brave and successful in battle.

Homeland: Saxony
Culture: Saxon
Religion: Wotanic
Father’s Class: Thegn
Lord: None
Current Home: Pevensy Castle
Age: 40 (born in 445)

Arriving to the Isle of Britain in 477 the Saxon King AElle landed in sourhtern part of the Kingdoms of Britain and easily took over. He then renamed the area South Saxony, or Sussex. When King Aurelisu marches with is army to meet this new invader King AElle is reinforced by Saxons from Kent. King AElle isn’t able to catch King Aurelisu as he escapes futher north.


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