Aurelisu Ambrosius

The first son of King Constantin who tried to reunite Britain.


The second son of Constantin Aurelisu Ambrosius is to young to take the title of High King when his eldest brother Constans is murdered in 443. He is instead forced to flee to Brittany with his younger brother Uther Pendragon while his uncle Duke Vortigern is elected High King.

Aurelisu Ambrosius, now a young man, lands in Hampshire with an army from Brittany in 466. He caries with him a bannor with a red dragon upon it. Quickly many nobles who foster a hatred for King Vortigern and his Sason allies rally to Aurelisu. The Saxon Kings abondon King Vortigern allowing Aurelisu to besiege the majority of King Vortigern army at Carlion. While pinned in King Vortigern is powerless to stop Aurelisu as he marches through the land accepting the submission and fidelity of those lords still loyal to King Vortigern.

In 468 King Vortigern leaves Carlion and flees to his new castle on Mount Snowdon. Aurelisu pursues and besieges King Vortigern. A battle ensues where King Vortigern is killed. With the king gone his army scatters. Aurelisu takes back the title of King of Logres and after summoning the High Council is elected High King. King Aurelisu then takes the title of Pendragon derived from his great battle banner.

In the years after his uncles, King Vortigern, death King Aurelisu tries to hold a peace with the Picts, Saxons and Irish. However dispite his best efforts the groups continue to raid the Kingdoms of Britain. Finally in 473 the Saxons led by Hengest invade into the Thames Valley. King Aurelisu raises an army but losses to Hengest in the Battle of Windsor. With his defeat King Aurelisu is powerless to stop the Saxons from freely plundering the Kingdoms of Britain once again.

To strike back against the Saxons in 478 King Aurelisu uses the fleet he has been building up to attack the Saxons. Mustering his army and setting sail he destroys the fleets of all the Saxons in Britain before heading to the Continent. Landing in Frisia King Aurelisu wins battle after battle against the Saxons their. However his victories come at a price as the Saxons remaining in Britain ramp up their own attacks.

The following year,480, an army of Saxons, with a new fleet, sails up the Port River into Salisbury. King Aurelisu is preparing to respond when he is poisoned by a Saxon spy posing as a doctor. Despite his illness, King Aurelisu rallies his army and marches with Uther Pendragon against the invading Saxons. King Aurelisu attacks directly while Uther Pendragon takes his army around hte Saxons rear. The battle ends with a great victory for the British but King Aurelisu is killed during the fighting.

Aurelisu Ambrosius

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