Of Waves and Dragons

Adventure log 486-2

After our four brave knights defeated that monsterous, evil three-eyed giant and ordered their squires to take care of it’s remains, they followed the wizard Merlin deeper into the woods. Although suspicion and distrust in light of the danger they had to face on Merlin’s whim was written plainly on the faces of some of the knights, curiosity of the wonders that were sure to come and a sense of duty for the the king’s advisor led them to comply to Merlin’s demands. And so he led the knights through the depth of the forest, thick with thorny vines and an unnatural feeling to it, the source of which neither of them could quite determine, because for all their many admireable skills, knowledge of the fey and all things unnatural was painfully lacking.
After a time of travel they found their path blocked by a wall of vines, which could not withstand Merlin’s magical powers. The dispersed wall revealed boulders and merlin indicated that their path would lead through them. At the same time though, our knights became aware of a large creature in the distance, a Nukalavee, a creature from the fey realm, moving quickly in their direction. Bravely they followed Merlin through the boulders into the fey realm. Merlin went on in the dirction of a lake ordering the knights to prevent any of those creatures to get to him. First they heard the sound of hooves, the monster’s attempt to pass through the boulders as at once all went silent.
Suddenly, from atop the boulder, the Nukalavee jumped over the knights, who formed a defensive line against the oncoming foe. They fought it. A man sitting on a horse but formed into one creature. Armed with two swords and a horses maw with evil looking teeth all tinted in a greenish glow. The knights brought the monster down and it desolved into a green liquid. But there was no time to bask in the glory of victory, for two more Nukalavee appeared and one of them was heading for the lake, where Merlin was rowing a boat, conjured out of thin air, to it’s center.
Both Brehad and Camlann tried to stop it’s path, while Gunther and Maurel fought the other. All fought to the best of their abilities but good fortune did not always shine on the knights that day. Brehad and Camlann could only wound the Nukalavee. Unperturbed by a lost limb did it try to flee, persued by Brehad. Gunther could not quite prevent the horses teath getting him and the monster would have surely swollowed him whole if it wasn’t for Maurel, who killed it.
The flight of the Nukalavee led Brehad to even more of them and now the knights were standing against four. Three were just like the ones they fought before but one was even larger and fiercer than his brethren . Gunther and Maurel could stand their ground against the enemy and landed blow after blow, where as Camlann soon was caught up in the Nukalavee’s teeth and the nightmare became reality as he was entirely swollowed by it. A destiny distastefull and dishonorable but soon to be shared by Brehad, who faced the large Nukalavee. It took a lot of effort, both from Gunther and Maurel, who tried to free their comrades and Brehad and Camlann, who both frantically stabbed the insides of the monsters, that dared to consume them. As the task was done and Brahad and Camlann could breath air once again, all became aware of the last remaining Nukalavee, who charged to the lake, where Merlin just recieved a sword, given to him by a hand reaching from beneath the surface of the lake.
Javelin and arrows could not stop the creature, not even the water could, as it reached Merlin. It seemed all was for naught. Maurel’s rage was a hard thing to witness and so was Breahad’s broken heart, as all hope shattered in light of Merlins diapearence beneath the surface of the water. Still, Camlann went after him in the hopes to save the wizard from his watery grave. But he was gone. Merlin was not there, nor the Nukalavee, only the beautiful Lady of the Lake. And with a touch and a kiss she took his heart for all time. With his hopes lifted he managed to console Brehad and even the fires of Maurel’s rage could be dowsed by Gunther’s gentle words.
All that was left to do was the journey home and all they had to go on were Merlin’s words of warning, that they must remain on the trail. It did take some searching and enentually they found a trail but they were far from safety. Small lights appeared. Harmeless at first but soon it bacame obvious, that they worked some evil magic on a man’s mind to try to lead them to their death. Breahd and Gunther got cought up in visions. The first of Merlin and the latter of his love, Lady Gwiona. Maurel and Camlann tried everything to hold them back and might have succeeded, if it werent for the trees, who turned on them as well. With branch and root they fought, trying to ensnare the knights. Barely did they all escape alive and whole and finally managed to leave this cursed forest, only to find themselfes miles away from the place they entered with Merlin.


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