Of Waves and Dragons

Adventure Log 485-4

The Winter Court (totally forgot to do this edition)

In the months following the Battle of Mearcred our knights, Sir Gunther, Sir Maurel, Sir Camlann, and Sir Brehad retired to their respective homes to rest, train, and lick their wounds. The attitude among the people of the realm, turned sour after their stalemate in battle. Many men, now feared that Uther – or anyone for that matter will be unable to stem the tide of Saxon invaders. An outlook, which was made no better by the coming of winter, and this time of lethargy. Soon the snow began to fall onto the land, marking the approach of the Winter Court and the annual gift giving celebration held at Sarum castle, home of Earl Roderick.

The three punctual knights of the group arrived at Sarum as the sun began to set in the west, two days early for the gift exchange. Where they all met up to exchange pleasantries, then quickly they each set off to reconnect with past acquaintances, and/or love interests. The next day was mostly uneventful until the dinner. All the noble lords and ladies gathered in the hall for an evening of partying and pleasure before the gift giving celebration. As everyone got seated, our fourth knight, Brehad finally arrived fiddle in hand. He quickly got to work doing what he does every feast, and put on a performance for everyone. Lady Gwynna also joined in with he lute, but it was less than pleasant. Soon enough everyone in the hall began to dance. Sir Camlann, took the hand of lady Indig, and Maurel stepped onto the floor before quickly realizing that dancing is not his thing. While Sir Gunther initially held back from the partying, he soon was approached by a mysterious woman who asked him for a dance. Gunther agreed, and showed the realm what sick dance moves he had been holding back this whole time. Eventually only three dance duos remained, Gunther and the mystery woman, Camlann and Lady whats-her-face, and Earl Roderick with his wife Ellen. Camlann was the first to leave the dance floor. It began to look like it would end in a dance off of the year, but then Roderick pulled rank and convinced Sir Gunther to give up his dancing partner, for Countess Ellen. Ellen was less than pleased. Soon the countess departed, and the party began to simmer down as more and more nobles retired for the night. Brehad played one more song to wind the party down, while Gunther learned that the mystery woman had actually been Lady Virgee, daughter of Sir Elad. As Brehad’s song came to an end, the group ended off the night with the customary carrying off of Sir Bar.

The next morning the four knights filed into the hall to endure the day long tradition of the Gift Giving Ceremony. One by one, every lord and lady in Salisbury went up, did their curtsy to Earl Roderick, exchanged their gifts and sat down again. The first of us to go up was Sir Maurel, who received a horse, and presented the Earl with a cloak made of bear fur that he had crafted himself. Next to go was Sir Gunther who received a fine sword, with an engraving of his heraldry on it. Third was Sir Camlann who received a fine barding for his horse, dyed in the patterns of his family’s heraldry. The last to step up was Sir Brehad, who received a new fiddle, with his own heraldry carved into it. Once the four knights had all exchanged their gifts they waited as the ceremony came to an end. However not soon after they had all seated, a mysterious man dressed in red robes entered the hall to speak with Earl Roderick. He soon explained that his name is Praetor Syagrius, a roman noble from the last roman settlement left, and that he came to gain support in his wars against the saxons. Roderick let the Praetor know that he would only support these Romans if King Uther wished it. Syagrius, didn’t protest against the Earls decree, and left the court, allowing the ceremony to continue.

After the ceremony finished, the Earl held another dinner feast which everyone enthusiastically attended after having to suffer through that ceremony. The Roman Praetor also attended the feast, sitting beside the Earl as an honored guest. The feast was rather uneventful for the most part. Brehad, having trouble with his new fiddle was unable to preform and so sat with Sir Bar for most of the night. Lady Gwynna played on her lute and much to Brehad’s surprise, didn’t totally suck. Gunther was approached by Lady Virgee once again and they spoke for some time. Maurel and Sir Lycas almost got into a fight after some things got heated. And Camlann went off to attempt to secure Lady Adwen’s dowry.

The next morning, our four brave knights began to pack up their things and leave for their homes. But not before Gunther snuck in a kiss on Lady Gwynna’s cheek. With an awkward “Oh” Gwynna blushed and quickly walked off, not sure what to do with herself. And with that, Maurel, Gunther, Camlann, and Brehad mounted their horses and left the Winter Court.


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