Of Waves and Dragons

Adventure Log 485 - 3

Battle of Mearcred

Not even a month was to pass before the four knights were to see action again. Soon after the summer court Uther moved his army towards Hampshire in an effort to drive back the Saxons in that area. Unfortunately the Saxon army had moved to Mearcred to gain a large hold on the surrounding land. After their army made camp in preparation for the next days battle the three newly knighted knights and their elder knight were chosen for patrol. While talking with their leading knight, Sir Jarden, they learned that the Duke of Cornwall had not come to aid Uther in this battle. This news gave way to worry for the young knights but that worry was replaced with surprise as they were ambushed by a Saxon raid party. After the short skirmish they were able to capture a Saxon noble and take him back to camp before resting up for the morning’s battle.

The next morning the Saxon and English armies clashed on the battle field each side hoping to drive back the other. While they all fought bravely the first to fall out of battle was Gunther. Luckily he was not killed but knocked unconscious. While his squire was able to get him safely back to camp the other three, Maurel, Brehad, and Camlann continued to push back the enemy they fought. The next knight to leave the battlefield was Camlann. Unfortunately Camlann’s squire had gotten lost amongst the chaos and he was nearly captured save for the help from his senior knight Maurel. With three of the group back at camp Brehad kept fighting proving that on the battlefield he was just as good with a sword as he was with his music. Although he preformed greatly the call for retreat was sent out and both armies fell back to their respective sides neither of them gaining any significant ground at all.

Back at camp Gunther awakened and went about trying to help others who had been injured just as he had. When told to go back to his bed and rest he refused politely and did what he could to help without hurting himself. Once the fighting had ended and the group reunited they were glad that all of them had survived the battle but disappointed that the fight had ended in a draw and nothing had been gained. Both armies left Mearcred and each knight returned home to heal and relax after this year’s trials.


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