Of Waves and Dragons

Pendragon 486
The Adventure of the Sword Lake

Following the previous years battle the Knights of Salisbury arrive for the spring court expecting to be sent out to face the Saxons again. Instead they find themselves riding patrol. The summer goes by slowly until they come across a group of Saxons attacking Sir Ganon’s manor. Attacking the Knights quickly dispatch the Saxons and begin to trace their path through Salisbury. While following the Saxons route they encounter a old man dressed in goat skins. He asks the Knights if they would help him catch his goat as it had run up a near by hill that he was unable to climb. Deciding to help the man the Knights ride to the top of the hill and quickly spot the massive black billy goat grazing near some ruins. Seeing them approach the goat bounds away toward a near by wooded area. Chasing into the woods the Knights are forced to dismount to continue the chase.


The goat eventually gets its horns caught in a thick brush. The Knights begin to close in but before they can get to close a three eyed giant sweeps up the goat in one great hand. The giant is just about to bite down on the goats head when it sees the Knights. With a bellowing roar the giant hurls the goat at the party flatting one of the knights. Tearing a tree out of the ground the giant advance on the Knights and attacks. Rushing forward the Knight meet the giants attack. The giants powerful blows would have easily crushed a man but they proved to slow to make contact full contact. Careful to avoid his strikes the Knights struggled to cause any real damage as even their most powerful blows leave only shallow cuts. Still they continued the assault until the giant succumbed to this injuries and falls. The Knights had won but they had taken losses. Several of their party had taken massive injuries. The old man sweeps forward and transforms into Merlin and with a simple touch he heals each of the injured knights.

“Congratulations my brave friends” Merlin announces "You will most certainly do. Now leave your h

Pendragon 485
Becoming a Knight

The year begins with three of our hero’s finishing their training as squires at castle Vagon under the tutelage of Sir Elad. After a dismal day of jousting training where the dummies were victorious over the squires. Despite their performance the good natured Sir Elad decided to send the squires out on a quest to prove valor and worth as potential knights. The squires where to ride a half day north to the village of Imber to hunt down a vicious man-eating bear. Eager to face their foe the squires set out and quickly arrive at the village where they meet the village leader Old Garr. Ignoring Garr’s advice to wait until morning to begin the hunt the squires gathered a hunting party and set off. With the day coming to a close one of the hunting party’s finds eventually picks up the bears trail and corners it just outside its den. The gnarled old bear proves to difficult for one squire to take down and after and fierce struggle the squire comes out victorious. That evening a great feast is held at Imber with the bear served as the main course.

Upon the squires return Sir Elad is pleased at their success and at the spring court he recommends to Earl Roderick that they be knighted. The Earl agrees and the players along with 8 other squires are knighted in the halls of Sarum before the Nobility of Salisbury and Prince Madoc. A few days later the Earl announces that Lorges is once again going to fight the Saxons on the field of battle. Mustering the army of Salisbury Roderick meets up with King Uther’s forces at Windsor. Marching south Uther meets King AElle and his saxons of Sussex at the battle of Mearcred Creek. The two sides fight to a stand still and return home for the winter.


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