Of Waves and Dragons

Adventure Log 486 - 3
Alot of irl is happening will finish soon.

Out of the forest our four knights found them selves far from where they started their journey. Luckily the four of them escaped the Fae forest close to Camlann’s manor Over Wallop. After a nights rest and good baths the group set out to report to their Earl at Sarum. After reaching Sarum they were met with many grumbles and sour looks of those believing that they had shirked their duties to go on sabbatical. They reported to the Earl and informed him of their adventure and he told them to report back during the Christmas feast to unveil their entire tale. So they each set off to their own manors to prepare for the affair. Upon returning to Sarum they discovered that King Uther and his family would be having Christmas Court there. The retelling of their fight against the giant and the strange fairy beasts garnered them much attention and praise as well as forgiveness from their Earl. Camlann gave the Giant’s head as a gift to the King while Gunther and Brehad each gave a different piece of the giant as gifts and Maurel gifted an elaborate book. Although each of those gifts paled when compared to when Merlin burst through the main doors and presented the exquisite sword Excalibur to King Uther. During the commotion over such a magical gift it seems that only our four heroes heard Merlin say “It will aide you….if you stay JUST.” which cast a small shadow over their minds which quickly left as they were caught up in the celebrations. After everything died down they got together to preform a new winter tradition of singing, dancing, and playing instruments together (although most of them did it poorly). During their jam session Prince Maddock invited the group to go raiding against the Saxons which they whole-heartedly accepted. With the winter festivities over they each headed home to await their next adventure.

After going through the season and returning to summer the four headed out early to meet up with the raiding party. Since he was the eldest Maurel took up the commanding position while the others followed his lead. The plan was to hit three different cities to raid and cripple their ships to easy the Saxon flow. The first battle went well they were able to surprise the enemy which allowed them to get the upper hand to raid and destroy their ships. Unfortunately Sir Camlann was greatly injured during this battle and was carried back to the ship. The second battle was chaos although our heroes had the upper hand. During the chaos Sir Maurel was injured badly but rescued by Gunther along with other of their soldiers. During the third encounter they were ambushed by the prepared Saxons. The battle was evenly fought and they were just able to destroy the ship before retreating back home. Now the heroes head back to Salisbury to recover from their wounds.

Adventure log 486-2

After our four brave knights defeated that monsterous, evil three-eyed giant and ordered their squires to take care of it’s remains, they followed the wizard Merlin deeper into the woods. Although suspicion and distrust in light of the danger they had to face on Merlin’s whim was written plainly on the faces of some of the knights, curiosity of the wonders that were sure to come and a sense of duty for the the king’s advisor led them to comply to Merlin’s demands. And so he led the knights through the depth of the forest, thick with thorny vines and an unnatural feeling to it, the source of which neither of them could quite determine, because for all their many admireable skills, knowledge of the fey and all things unnatural was painfully lacking.
After a time of travel they found their path blocked by a wall of vines, which could not withstand Merlin’s magical powers. The dispersed wall revealed boulders and merlin indicated that their path would lead through them. At the same time though, our knights became aware of a large creature in the distance, a Nukalavee, a creature from the fey realm, moving quickly in their direction. Bravely they followed Merlin through the boulders into the fey realm. Merlin went on in the dirction of a lake ordering the knights to prevent any of those creatures to get to him. First they heard the sound of hooves, the monster’s attempt to pass through the boulders as at once all went silent.
Suddenly, from atop the boulder, the Nukalavee jumped over the knights, who formed a defensive line against the oncoming foe. They fought it. A man sitting on a horse but formed into one creature. Armed with two swords and a horses maw with evil looking teeth all tinted in a greenish glow. The knights brought the monster down and it desolved into a green liquid. But there was no time to bask in the glory of victory, for two more Nukalavee appeared and one of them was heading for the lake, where Merlin was rowing a boat, conjured out of thin air, to it’s center.
Both Brehad and Camlann tried to stop it’s path, while Gunther and Maurel fought the other. All fought to the best of their abilities but good fortune did not always shine on the knights that day. Brehad and Camlann could only wound the Nukalavee. Unperturbed by a lost limb did it try to flee, persued by Brehad. Gunther could not quite prevent the horses teath getting him and the monster would have surely swollowed him whole if it wasn’t for Maurel, who killed it.
The flight of the Nukalavee led Brehad to even more of them and now the knights were standing against four. Three were just like the ones they fought before but one was even larger and fiercer than his brethren . Gunther and Maurel could stand their ground against the enemy and landed blow after blow, where as Camlann soon was caught up in the Nukalavee’s teeth and the nightmare became reality as he was entirely swollowed by it. A destiny distastefull and dishonorable but soon to be shared by Brehad, who faced the large Nukalavee. It took a lot of effort, both from Gunther and Maurel, who tried to free their comrades and Brehad and Camlann, who both frantically stabbed the insides of the monsters, that dared to consume them. As the task was done and Brahad and Camlann could breath air once again, all became aware of the last remaining Nukalavee, who charged to the lake, where Merlin just recieved a sword, given to him by a hand reaching from beneath the surface of the lake.
Javelin and arrows could not stop the creature, not even the water could, as it reached Merlin. It seemed all was for naught. Maurel’s rage was a hard thing to witness and so was Breahad’s broken heart, as all hope shattered in light of Merlins diapearence beneath the surface of the water. Still, Camlann went after him in the hopes to save the wizard from his watery grave. But he was gone. Merlin was not there, nor the Nukalavee, only the beautiful Lady of the Lake. And with a touch and a kiss she took his heart for all time. With his hopes lifted he managed to console Brehad and even the fires of Maurel’s rage could be dowsed by Gunther’s gentle words.
All that was left to do was the journey home and all they had to go on were Merlin’s words of warning, that they must remain on the trail. It did take some searching and enentually they found a trail but they were far from safety. Small lights appeared. Harmeless at first but soon it bacame obvious, that they worked some evil magic on a man’s mind to try to lead them to their death. Breahd and Gunther got cought up in visions. The first of Merlin and the latter of his love, Lady Gwiona. Maurel and Camlann tried everything to hold them back and might have succeeded, if it werent for the trees, who turned on them as well. With branch and root they fought, trying to ensnare the knights. Barely did they all escape alive and whole and finally managed to leave this cursed forest, only to find themselfes miles away from the place they entered with Merlin.

Adventure Log 486-1
Merlin – everywhere and nowhere

Doing some editing.[Like always]

The four comrades are summoned to the spring court. Camlann arrives ahead of the others to an empty Sarum with Salisbury’s army marshalled outside it. He is informed by Sir Elad that the army musters to push back the Saxon invasion in Wessex and he as well as his compatriots are to patrol Salisbury, enforce law and protect Salisbury while the rest of the Realm marches on the Saxons.

Maurel and Gunther arrive the following morning and are greeted by a desolate Sarum. They find Camlann breaking his fast in the Great Hall. He briefly relays Sir Elad’s orders, which Maurel find distasteful. Brehad arrives after noon and with his arrival the comrades get to work. While the nobles are planning their scouting route and ordering a the castle to be cleaned and guard shift rewritten, Maurel notes that they should dispatch messenger to the major towns and castles with instructions to form a network, so that if they are lucky the might find some Saxon raiders to slaughter. As a young hedge knight, Sir Brian, finds his task of delivering messages to Salisbury’s major cities Maurel disciplines him for his laziness.
The next dawn the patrol rides out towards Levcomagus. The knights visit estates near the major road and make sure that everything is fine. After Levcomagus they turn west words and ride through the mountains covering northern Salisbury.

At nightfall the knights have passed through the mountains and as the light fades they decide to take shelter in the next estate. They tired and hungry arrive to [Insert Name], which Brehad and Camlann believe to be Merlins villa. They are greeted by Neveda a beautiful young maiden employed in the estate and Sir Brandon – Maurel’s old friend. The noble knights discover that Lycus owns the manor and they are a bit concerned about Maurels presence, who is known for his history with Lycus. Exausted by travel the knight decide to stay the night and during the supper Camlann and Maurel bewail their hosts with tales of adventure while Gunther gets familiar with Neveda. Tonight Brehad doesn’t seem to find inspiration for his songs and halts his tune confessing that this isn’t his night. Brehad cuts in on the story of the Questing Beast claims that he saw met the King of Cambria as well. Maurel doesn’t hesitate to correct his comrades error by noting that Brehad had in fact locked himself in his room and writing a glorious song about Uther’s war against the Saxons. This awakes some horrid memories for Brehad. He begs for his leave and walks outside. Camlann and Gunther are a bit taken by Maurel act and the night winds down as there’s suddenly nothing to talk about.

Outside Brehad stares at the stars and notices an old man doing the same in the court yard. He approaches the elder and asks him what he sees in stars. The Elder replies. He nods and states that he has nothing against Christians; he is just sad that they know so very little about the world surrounding them. Brehad introduces himself and assures that he would very much like to speak with the stargazer – Alvin – again as he departs.
As everyone else is asleep Brehad strolls through the castle wondering through the corridors. He wonders into the third floor and finds a hallway with a locked door, marvellously furnished bedroom and a study, which he presumes are Lucys’ private quarters and he glances around it. After his exploration he sees Alvin standing standing atop a tower and gazing at the stars. Alvin seems a bit too mystical for Brehad and he is sure that Alvin is actually Merlin in disquise.

The next morning they leave a letter for Lycus and ride off to Upavon. As nothing is going on they ride northwards toward Devizes and arrive there slightly before nightfall. There they are greeted and invited for supper by Sir Samuel the caretaker of the town during Sir Hawoel’s absence. He relays a rumour about a dispute in a small village a half days ride south. Apparently some farmers and ranchers are up at arms about something. Come morn the group rides southwards and arrive at [Insert name] and are greeted by a roaring crowd gathered at the edge of town. Camlann asks the people to remain calm and notes that they will hear out the dispute. The crowd turns towards them and shouts their arguments at the nobles and march closer. Maurel quiets the crowd with an angry lecture on hospitality and orders the disputing parties to present two individuals to argue for their side. After some brief mutters two men emerge from the crowd, Mortimer the town elder representing the ranchers and Alex representing the farmers. As the crowd constantly interrupts the discussion Brehad asks for the conversation to move to a private meeting indoors. The group arrives at the city hall and Camlann, Gunther and Brehad enter with the two men. Maurel stays outside guarding the crowd to ensure that peace is kept, while the nobles judge on the dispute.
Meanwhile Maurel is entertaining the crowd with stories when a cow cries out in pain. As the masses are unsetteled by the sound Maurel rides to its source and find two men stabbing a cow as another man is screaming and begging the men to stop. When Maurel rides up one of the men bolts as another one raises his knife as a challenge. Maurel offers the man a quick death he dares to strike him or try to run away. The man surrenders and Maurel darts after the other fiend. He reaches the fiend with little effort and gives him the same ultimatum and he gets the same answer.

Nobles hear cries outside and sound of commotion and run outside where they find a fight withing the mob. and they start to suppress the crowd – with words. As Maurel arrives and finds the crowd mauling the criminal to death.

Camlann and Gunther arrived to a clearing as the goat disappeared to the bushes on the far side. After a loud crack they saw yellow eyes glowing within the darkness.
Maurel arrived with his bow in hand, took two arrows from his quiver without hesitation and shot them towards the giant’s eye.
The Giant grabbed Brehad and threw him at Gunther
Maurel drew his sixth arrow and decided to stay still focus on the moment. Just as the giant’s foot connected with him he let the arrow loose and it flew true piercing the giant’s third eye. As the giant was roaring in pain and surprise Maurel’s limb body flew 30 feet to the woods.

Adventure Log 485-4
The Winter Court (totally forgot to do this edition)

In the months following the Battle of Mearcred our knights, Sir Gunther, Sir Maurel, Sir Camlann, and Sir Brehad retired to their respective homes to rest, train, and lick their wounds. The attitude among the people of the realm, turned sour after their stalemate in battle. Many men, now feared that Uther – or anyone for that matter will be unable to stem the tide of Saxon invaders. An outlook, which was made no better by the coming of winter, and this time of lethargy. Soon the snow began to fall onto the land, marking the approach of the Winter Court and the annual gift giving celebration held at Sarum castle, home of Earl Roderick.

The three punctual knights of the group arrived at Sarum as the sun began to set in the west, two days early for the gift exchange. Where they all met up to exchange pleasantries, then quickly they each set off to reconnect with past acquaintances, and/or love interests. The next day was mostly uneventful until the dinner. All the noble lords and ladies gathered in the hall for an evening of partying and pleasure before the gift giving celebration. As everyone got seated, our fourth knight, Brehad finally arrived fiddle in hand. He quickly got to work doing what he does every feast, and put on a performance for everyone. Lady Gwynna also joined in with he lute, but it was less than pleasant. Soon enough everyone in the hall began to dance. Sir Camlann, took the hand of lady Indig, and Maurel stepped onto the floor before quickly realizing that dancing is not his thing. While Sir Gunther initially held back from the partying, he soon was approached by a mysterious woman who asked him for a dance. Gunther agreed, and showed the realm what sick dance moves he had been holding back this whole time. Eventually only three dance duos remained, Gunther and the mystery woman, Camlann and Lady whats-her-face, and Earl Roderick with his wife Ellen. Camlann was the first to leave the dance floor. It began to look like it would end in a dance off of the year, but then Roderick pulled rank and convinced Sir Gunther to give up his dancing partner, for Countess Ellen. Ellen was less than pleased. Soon the countess departed, and the party began to simmer down as more and more nobles retired for the night. Brehad played one more song to wind the party down, while Gunther learned that the mystery woman had actually been Lady Virgee, daughter of Sir Elad. As Brehad’s song came to an end, the group ended off the night with the customary carrying off of Sir Bar.

The next morning the four knights filed into the hall to endure the day long tradition of the Gift Giving Ceremony. One by one, every lord and lady in Salisbury went up, did their curtsy to Earl Roderick, exchanged their gifts and sat down again. The first of us to go up was Sir Maurel, who received a horse, and presented the Earl with a cloak made of bear fur that he had crafted himself. Next to go was Sir Gunther who received a fine sword, with an engraving of his heraldry on it. Third was Sir Camlann who received a fine barding for his horse, dyed in the patterns of his family’s heraldry. The last to step up was Sir Brehad, who received a new fiddle, with his own heraldry carved into it. Once the four knights had all exchanged their gifts they waited as the ceremony came to an end. However not soon after they had all seated, a mysterious man dressed in red robes entered the hall to speak with Earl Roderick. He soon explained that his name is Praetor Syagrius, a roman noble from the last roman settlement left, and that he came to gain support in his wars against the saxons. Roderick let the Praetor know that he would only support these Romans if King Uther wished it. Syagrius, didn’t protest against the Earls decree, and left the court, allowing the ceremony to continue.

After the ceremony finished, the Earl held another dinner feast which everyone enthusiastically attended after having to suffer through that ceremony. The Roman Praetor also attended the feast, sitting beside the Earl as an honored guest. The feast was rather uneventful for the most part. Brehad, having trouble with his new fiddle was unable to preform and so sat with Sir Bar for most of the night. Lady Gwynna played on her lute and much to Brehad’s surprise, didn’t totally suck. Gunther was approached by Lady Virgee once again and they spoke for some time. Maurel and Sir Lycas almost got into a fight after some things got heated. And Camlann went off to attempt to secure Lady Adwen’s dowry.

The next morning, our four brave knights began to pack up their things and leave for their homes. But not before Gunther snuck in a kiss on Lady Gwynna’s cheek. With an awkward “Oh” Gwynna blushed and quickly walked off, not sure what to do with herself. And with that, Maurel, Gunther, Camlann, and Brehad mounted their horses and left the Winter Court.

Adventure Log 485 - 3
Battle of Mearcred

Not even a month was to pass before the four knights were to see action again. Soon after the summer court Uther moved his army towards Hampshire in an effort to drive back the Saxons in that area. Unfortunately the Saxon army had moved to Mearcred to gain a large hold on the surrounding land. After their army made camp in preparation for the next days battle the three newly knighted knights and their elder knight were chosen for patrol. While talking with their leading knight, Sir Jarden, they learned that the Duke of Cornwall had not come to aid Uther in this battle. This news gave way to worry for the young knights but that worry was replaced with surprise as they were ambushed by a Saxon raid party. After the short skirmish they were able to capture a Saxon noble and take him back to camp before resting up for the morning’s battle.

The next morning the Saxon and English armies clashed on the battle field each side hoping to drive back the other. While they all fought bravely the first to fall out of battle was Gunther. Luckily he was not killed but knocked unconscious. While his squire was able to get him safely back to camp the other three, Maurel, Brehad, and Camlann continued to push back the enemy they fought. The next knight to leave the battlefield was Camlann. Unfortunately Camlann’s squire had gotten lost amongst the chaos and he was nearly captured save for the help from his senior knight Maurel. With three of the group back at camp Brehad kept fighting proving that on the battlefield he was just as good with a sword as he was with his music. Although he preformed greatly the call for retreat was sent out and both armies fell back to their respective sides neither of them gaining any significant ground at all.

Back at camp Gunther awakened and went about trying to help others who had been injured just as he had. When told to go back to his bed and rest he refused politely and did what he could to help without hurting himself. Once the fighting had ended and the group reunited they were glad that all of them had survived the battle but disappointed that the fight had ended in a draw and nothing had been gained. Both armies left Mearcred and each knight returned home to heal and relax after this year’s trials.

Adventure Log 485-2
The Summer Court

Editing in progress

A week after the squires’ baptisement by Saxon blood Sir Amig roused the young squires before dawn and after breaking their fast on salted fish, fresh bread and ale they rode out into the dawn from Castle Du Plains with Sir Amig and Sir Maurel. The young squires were summoned to the Summer Court at the Sarum Castle to be knighted. By noon they reached Sarum – a prosperous city surrounding the castle. Brehad, Camlann and Gunther were eager to brush shoulders with their fellow nobles; wealthy merchants and clergymen. As they rode into the castle, Maurel noticed Sir Jaradan in the crowd and introduced the young squires to him, praising their courage and valour. Jaradan begged for his leave after a short conversation on Saxon raids as he needed to find Prince Madok – Uther’s Heir – before the feast and the squires left to introduce themselves to people of note. Uninterested in courtly things Maurel joined his hedge knight brethren, toured the city and gossiped amongst peasants.
While Brehad visited the church and met a Friar with whom he discussed churchly music at length and promised to attend tomorrow’s service as a part of the chapel choir, Gunther and Camlann headed to the main hall after a brief visit to the city. Meanwhile Maurel meets Sir Lycus in a pub near Fool’s gate and discuss the silliness of the nobles and to pass the time they decide to play a game of dice. Not caring for money Lycus Maurel to clean his horse, since his squire has been absent.


Meanwhile Maurel is taking Lycus’ horse to a smithy for new horseshoes as Lycus’ squire approaches the stable. Seeing his master horse in the hands of a strange, he accuses Maurel of thievery. Justly angered Maurel berates the squire on not performing his duty to his master, which resulted on him doing his duties for him. With the whole district watching heads towards the smithy lecturing on the importance of diligence with the horses reigns in one hand and the squires ear in the other.

Brehad sings his latest creation “The Amazing Attack of Ambrose”, which is well received and his love Gwiona joins in to complement his performance – not succeeding. Maurel arrived clad in proper clothing to witness the end of Brehad’s song, as he had finished educating the squire. In his chambers Brehad begins to write his song for the King, describing in detail his latest campaign against the Saxons. As the Brehad moves for the feast and another bard comes to take his place, Maurel interjects and with his lieges permission talks about the squires that are to be knight and that have spilled the blood of an enemy even before their knighthood. By Maurel’s request Brehad sets aside his roast and still chewing strikes a tune to complement the tale. Near midnight Earl Roderick call an end to the feast and announces a hunt for the morn, so that they feast the King with fresh boar. Brehad begs the Earl to forgive his absence as he already promised the Friar that he’d attend to matters of faith. As everyone, but the hedge knights and Maurel, leave for their beds Brehad makes haste to his room, lock the door, take a pile of parchment and a quill to his desk and with the joy of performance in his mind starts to compose a song for the King – a song that highlight his valorous deeds in his latest war against the Saxons.
Come morn, the knights and nobles prepare for the hunt. Camlann and Gunther are a bit disappointed as their dear friend didn’t come to see them off, but he’s been known to take matter of church quite seriously and his comrades let it not bother them. Camlann and Gunther join Earl Roderick’s hunting party and Maurel strikes off on his own as he has for years. After realizing that the Earl is leading them out of the woods, Camlann and Gunther polite ask him to re-evaluate his direction. They hear a strange and eerie sound that vaguely resembles howls of a large beast being pursued by hounds, somewhere in the distant trees. As they ride closer the sound grew louder as they approached a clearing with a small pond, but nothing came into sight. Camlann and Gunther catch a glimpse of Maurel that is drawn to the sound as well. As they arrive at edge of the clearing the howling and braking suddenly stop. Maurel freezes as he reaches the pond, but Gunther and Camlann follow the shore of the still pond. They catch a glimpse of something lizard like hiding in the rock at the far end of the pond. As they move closer the strange creature rises from the rocks and the squire see that it has the head and neck of a snake, the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion and the feet of a hart.
Camlann and Maurel chase after the Questing Beast deaf to the Earl shouts and Gunther’s fall.
As the pair gallops after the Beast they come upon another rider with scrathed mail and tattered tabbard, who introduces himself as Pellinore King of Cambria and is gleeful that other have joined the glorious hunt for the Questing Beast. Something in the king’s attitude gives Camlann a feeling that something is horribly wrong and notes this to Maurel. They ask the king how long he’s been on the beast trail and hearing his answer the pair slows down to a halt. King agitated the King stops and notes that the beast is closer than ever and now its getting away. Camlann and Maurel try to talk to the king and keep him away from the beast. Every moment the king becomes more agitated and suddenly turn this horse around and darts after the Questing Beast disappointment clear in his words. As Pellinore rides off, Maurel shoot an arrow at Pellinore’s horse. The arrow finds purchase and sinks deep into the horse left chest – right above the heart – a shot that should have killed any mortal beast. Disjointed by Pellinore’s fate they make their way back towards Saren, snatching a tuft of the beast fur and the whole bush to which it is tangled.
Upon arriving in the castle, Camlann and Gunther become worried as they discover that no one has seen Brehad and the mess he was going to attend is soon to start. All three make haste to Brehad’s quarters and find a group of serfs listening intently on the soft moaning and banging inside. As Camlann and Gunther try to press information from the serf, Maurel disjointendly kicks Brehad’s door in and they find a room filled with parcements littering the bed, table, floor and walls and Brehad sitting with his head against a wall banging his head, holding scraps of parchement in his hands and tearfully muttering. Camlann and Gunther approach their sobering friend, who is muttering something about “how he hates Saxons and how everything is horrible and wrong”. Disstressed Brehad charges at his friends who promptly subdue him and talk some sense for
Gunther takes news of Brehad’s sudden illness to Lady Gwin, who is very taken by Gunther idea of easing Brehad’s suffering with her lovely songs – an idea that nearly plunges Brehad back to madness. Due to the Friar insistence Camlann joins the service and spends a few agonizing hours singing hymns
After the feast the squires were escorted to the Church, joined by Sir Maurel, who insisted to guard their vigil and make sure that they would not dishonour themselves by sleeping. Even the hungry and tired Brehad managed to the whole vigil. At dawn they were gathered and brought in front of King Uther Pendragon, who knighted them. Camlann made the lead and rode off full of pride as his comrades fumbled.

Adventure log 485

Three young squires, Gunther, Brehad and Camlann were joined by the hedge knight Sir Maurel at Du Plains Castle on the eastern boundary of the county of Salisbury. Under the tuelage of Sir Amig, a banneret Knight in the service of Earl Roderick of Salisbury, the four men had to demonstrate their prowess and skill in combat – with varying degrees of success. After a hard day of melee combat, jousting excercises, a refreshing ale and a small admonishment from Sir Leo, a young houshold Knight of Salisbury, Sir Maurel, Gunther, Brehad and Camlann were send on a patrol. This patrol, as Sir Amig’s mind was set on a competition, involved a race – the first man returning would be the winner. Unfotunatly Sir Amig’s students had some difficulty remembering his directions but that didn’t stop them.
The race began and soon Brehad and Sir Maurel were slowed down by their efforts to help the local populace, where as Gunther and Camlann selfishly spured their horses. Gunther arrived at a little town, wich appeared to have been raided recently, where he was met by some knights of Silchester, who incinuated he might be involved with the raid. Not much later Sir Murel and Camlann arrived at the scene and everybody was increasingly certain that saxon raiders must have been responsible. Sir Maurel, well known for his legendary hatred of the saxons, was terrible to behold as his eyes started to glow and his mouth frothed in light of this outrage. Accompanied by the Silchester knights they followed the trail.
At the same time, Brehad, taking a different route, came across a swamp, where he saw some bandits loading goods on boats. Hopelessly outnumbered he decided to go for help and finaly met up with the others. It was pretty clear that those bandits were the saxons that raided the town, A fierce battle insued in the swamp. The horses half submerged in brackish water, knights and Squires flailing in neck deep waters, but after a a brutal combat they managed to defeat the saxons and together they returned to Du Plains.


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