High Council

The Supreme Collegium, or High Council, is the body of “wise men of Britain,” and the college is the sole source of great and ancient powers of Justice and Law. The Supreme Collegium first met during the time of the Roman Empire when they named the first High King of Britain and eventual Emperor of Rome, Emperor Constantine.

Their are 28 seats in the High Council, one for each of the Great Cities of Britain, and the only function of the Council is to elect a High King. Each member of the High Council is called a legate. 3/4 members must be in accordance for any decision to be passed. All members are required to be notified 6 months in advance and they must be in attendance to vote. No proxies are allowed. The Council seats are traditionally passed down but in some cities the local nobles select the member through a vote. All votes done by the High Council are counted in secret.

Year of 485
King Uther has twelve member of the High Council serving him as vassals. While the king may have support from outside of Logres it isn’t clear that all of King Uthers vassals will support him. Instead they hide behind their “Cowardly shield of the secret ballot.” Uther. King Uther is aware, as is everyone in Britain, that the legate hold the true power. King Uther is currently working diligently to gain the votes of the legates.

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High Council

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