A mans Horse is his lifeline.


A horse to a knight is his mode of transportation, the symbol of his status and his most valuable tool for war. Because of this knights typically travel with several horses. A Charger for combat, two Rouncies for riding (one for the knight and one for his squire) and a Sumpter or a Mule for hauling equipment. For shorter trips or when riding patrol most Knights will only take one horse, often their Charger.

This is a large, heavy, battle-trained steed, the standard knight’s warhorse. Most chargers are hybrids of native British ponies with the great horse or other large foreign breeds.

Typical Stats: SIZ 34, DEX 17, STR 30, CON 12; Move 8; Armor 5; Unconscious 12; Major Wound 12; Knockdown 34; Hit Points 46; Healing Rate 4; Damage 6d6.

The rouncy is the standard riding horse (though normally combat-trained as well, since they are a knight’s riding steed), relatively slow and small, yet comfortable and hardy.

Typical Stats: SIZ 26, DEX 10, STR 18, CON 14; Move 6; Armor 4; Unconscious 10; Major Wound 14; Knockdown 26; Hit Points 40; Healing Rate 3; Damage 4d6.

These are stout and sturdy animals who have calm demeanor’s and can pack a lot of equipment. They can be skittish and are not fast, as such they are rarely ridden.

Typical Stats: SIZ 22, DEX 12, STR 15, CON 16; Move 5; Armor 3; Unconscious 10; Major Wound 16; Knockdown 22; Hit Points 38; Healing Rate 3; Damage 3d6.



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