Fae Longbow


Knights normally do not use bows in combat, although they often use them for hunting. For a Knight to use a bow in combat or war is considered cowardly and can result in a loss of honor. A bow deals 3d6 points of damage regardless of the user’s Damage statistic. It is a two-handed weapon, so no shield can be used while shooting a bow. The bow’s maximum range is 150 yards.


During Merlin’s Quest for the Excalibur the four knights failed to prevent one of the [dread knight]s to reach the Sword Lake and Merlin. Maurel and Gunther tried to kill the beast as it reached the shore. While Gunther’s spear hit true Maurel’s arrow grazed the beast head. Maurel snapped his bow apart in anger and proceeded to uproot a sapling from the surrounding forest as his comrades chased after the beast galloping on the lakes surface.

Fae Longbow

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