A brutal High King of Britain.


Brother to Constantin, Vortigern took over the roll of mentor to his brothers son, Constans when the boy was elected High King in 441. When his nephew, Constans is murdred in 443 both surviving brothers of Constans, Aurelisu Ambrosius and Uther Pendragon, flee to Brittany. With no heirs to the throne around to claim it Duke Vortigern is elected High King by the High Council.

In 446 with the Picts invading deep into the Kingdoms of Britain King Vortigern hires the Saxons Hengest and Horsa to battle the Picts. King Vortigern becomes impressed with the battle prowess of the Saxons and slowly begins to rely on them more and more.

In 448 Rowena, daughter of Hengest arrives in his court. King Vortigern falls for her beauty and grace and in 450 he marries her in a lavish celebration. In the years following their marriage many of the lords in the Kingdoms of Britain begen to complain that to King Vortigern that he is favoring the Saxons over them and that he is selling the country to the Saxons. In 454 King Vortigern responds by sending the complaining knights and lords to the Continent to fight with the Roman General Aetius against the Huns at the Battle of Chalons.

This effectively quites the lords for a time but in 457 several easter lords rise up in rebellion. King Vortigern rallies his army, along with the Saxons and swiftly crushes the rebelious lords in the Battle of Kent. Afterwards he awardes the land of Kent to the Saxons for their loyal service.

After the Battle of Kent it was another five years before the nobles attempted to rise up against him again. In 462 a group of dissatisfied lords lead by King Vortigern’s own son Lamint attempted to overthrow him. King Vortigern called upon his Saxon allies and meet the rebels at the Battle of Cambridge.

The following year, 463, King Vortigern has still not been able to bring the rebelious lords to heel. Instead of fighting King Vortigern decides to call a meeting at Stongehenge to talk of peace with the rebelious lords. However the whole thing is a trick as King Vortigern has every rebelious lord, including his son Lamint, killed by the Saxons.

By the year 465 King Vortigern is only able to keep order by romaing the country side with his Saxon army collecting tribute or plunder. King Vortigern realizes that he no longer has control of the Saxons and so he flees to Gomeret and attempts to fortify it. He is apporached by a young enchanter named Merlin the Magician who quickly becomes King Vortigern trusted advisor.

The following year, 466, Aurelisu Ambrosius lands in Hampshire with an army from Brittany. Many lords quickly join Aurelisu Ambrosius and without the support of the Saxon Kings, King Vortigern retreats to Carlion. Aurelisu Ambrosius and his forces siege Carlion forcing King Vortigern to watch helplessly as Aurelisu Ambrosius forces the last of his allies to surrender.

In 468 with the last of his loyal lords surrendering King Vortigern flees to his new castle on Mount Snowdon hoping the superior defences of the castle will protect him. Aurelisu Ambrosius pursues him and attacks. King Vortigern is killed in the final battle of the siege.


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