The Earl of Salisbury


Earl roderick s coat of arms


The Earl of Salisbury, Roderick is a warrior famed for his prowess, having fought under King Uther against the Saxons to the east. He is noted for his deadly feud with Duke Ulfius, the for whom he holds a deep grudge because they were both suitors of Lady Ellen many years ago.

The Earl’s arms are blue and gold (yellow) horizontal stripes.

He’s an energetic lord, often bustling about the realm on business. All his knights are impressed with his battle leadership. His wife Ellen is a patient woman skilled in the women’s arts. They have one young son, Robert, and a daughter, Jenna.

Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Father’s Class: Lord
Lord: King Uther
Current Home: Sarum Castle
Age: 35 (born in 450)
Wife: Counties Ellen
Children: Robert, Jenna


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