Knight and Banneret of Earl Roderick


Sir Hywel is a strapping knight. His neat short cropped hair accents his lean face and deep brown eyes. He is well spoken and kind to everyone from noble to commoner. At court he rarely speaks instead choosing to listen to the more experienced knights, but when the Earl calls for his opinion his responses are always well thought out.


The banneret of West Lavington, he holds many manors which he inherited from his father; he has only a young daughter. Since his wife died at her birth and he refuses to remarry, his daughter will inherit great wealth.

Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Father’s Class: Lord
Lord: King Uther
Current Home: Sarum Castle
Age: 35 (born in 451)
Wife: Kiersten (deceased)
Children: Martine (8, born in 477)


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