The Countess of Salisbury and wife to Earl Roderick


A stern lady of the court Countess Ellen has a commanding presence where ever she goes. Her blue eyes perpetually hold a piercing gaze that can make even the bravest of knights hesitate. Ellen always dresses conservatively but fashionable with her long auburn hair in a simple braid, she doesn’t need to flaunt her beauty. The Countess is rarely heard laughing but when she does it is always with her children whom she loves deeply.


Countess Ellen is a competent noblewoman. She is a daughter of the Count of Silchester. Her dowry was comprised of several manors that lie on the road between Levcomagus and Mildenhall, for which she was much sought after by many wealthy and influential people, including Sir Blains, Steward of Levcomagus.

Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Lord: King Uther
Current Home: Sarum Castle
Age: 30 (born in 450)
Husband: Earl Roderick
Children: Robert, Jenna


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