Knight and Marshal of Earl Roderick


A brick of a man, Sir Elad is stout, strong, and rather thick. He is a veteran of many battles and his ease with sword and spear clearly shows it. His booming voice can be heard drilling young knights from across his estate. It is a task he enjoys and excels at. During the day he may be harsh but once the work is done Elad surly knows how to relax. His booming laughter is a staple at the evening supper.


The Marshall of the county, Elad is the castellan of Vagon as well. He is a kind and understanding man but quick to rise to a challenge.

Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Father’s Class: Knight
Lord: King Uther
Current Home: Vagon Castle
Age: 57 (born in 428)
Wife: Lauraine (deceased)
Children: Mathilde (deceased, was married), Barrett (Knight, is married)


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