Knight and Castellan of Tilshead for Earl Roderick


An aging knight, Sir Amig of Tilshead has been a trusted adviser and friend of the Earl sense Roderick was a young boy. His once thick brown hair has thinned completely leaving just a few wisps of gray. Even his thick beard is losing its color. Sir Amig is perhaps the only person to not notice his aging body. He stays up late most evenings drinking and swapping stories with the younger knights and is even occasionally seen limping around the training yard exchanging blows with some young terrified squire.


An older man, scarred and with a noticeable limp, Sir Amig is a veteran of many battles. He was just granted castellanship over Tilshead, built to defend the county against the witches and monsters of the nearby forests.

Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Father’s Class: Lord
Lord: King Uther
Current Home: Sarum Castle
Age: 59 (born in 426)
Wife: Naomi (deceased)
Children: Sophie (34, unmarried), Easter (30, married to Donatien 55), Lorna (deceased, was married)


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