Of Waves and Dragons

Adventure log 485

Three young squires, Gunther, Brehad and Camlann were joined by the hedge knight Sir Maurel at Du Plains Castle on the eastern boundary of the county of Salisbury. Under the tuelage of Sir Amig, a banneret Knight in the service of Earl Roderick of Salisbury, the four men had to demonstrate their prowess and skill in combat – with varying degrees of success. After a hard day of melee combat, jousting excercises, a refreshing ale and a small admonishment from Sir Leo, a young houshold Knight of Salisbury, Sir Maurel, Gunther, Brehad and Camlann were send on a patrol. This patrol, as Sir Amig’s mind was set on a competition, involved a race – the first man returning would be the winner. Unfotunatly Sir Amig’s students had some difficulty remembering his directions but that didn’t stop them.
The race began and soon Brehad and Sir Maurel were slowed down by their efforts to help the local populace, where as Gunther and Camlann selfishly spured their horses. Gunther arrived at a little town, wich appeared to have been raided recently, where he was met by some knights of Silchester, who incinuated he might be involved with the raid. Not much later Sir Murel and Camlann arrived at the scene and everybody was increasingly certain that saxon raiders must have been responsible. Sir Maurel, well known for his legendary hatred of the saxons, was terrible to behold as his eyes started to glow and his mouth frothed in light of this outrage. Accompanied by the Silchester knights they followed the trail.
At the same time, Brehad, taking a different route, came across a swamp, where he saw some bandits loading goods on boats. Hopelessly outnumbered he decided to go for help and finaly met up with the others. It was pretty clear that those bandits were the saxons that raided the town, A fierce battle insued in the swamp. The horses half submerged in brackish water, knights and Squires flailing in neck deep waters, but after a a brutal combat they managed to defeat the saxons and together they returned to Du Plains.


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